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Haggard's News

Posted by Haggard - February 18th, 2013


Here is a list of all the games. Special thanks go out to MatthewF and EdyKel. They added many games to the list.

Common Title
Level 1
First Row: Gradius, Batman, Super Mario Bros., Contra, Excitebike
Second Row: Metroid, Castlevania, The Legend of Zelda [note: "Legend of Zelda" doesn't work!], Mega Man, Punch Out

Level 2
First Row: Bionic Commando, Duck Tales, Final Fantasy, R.C. Pro-Am, Cobra Triangle
Second Row: Urban Champion, River City Ransom, Ninja Gaiden, Double Dragon, Kid Icarus

Level 3
First Row: Blaster Master, Bubble Bobble, Werewolf, Blades of Steel, Metal Gear
Second Row: Kirby's Adventure, Pro Wrestling, Clu Clu Land, Adventure Island, Mappy

Level 4
First Row: City Connection, Pac Man, Rad Racer, Mach Rider, Kung Fu
Second Row: Micro Machines, Bad Dudes, Baseball, Faxanadu, Jackal

Level 5
First Row: Cabal, Arkanoid, Tennis, Gumshoe, Robocop
Second Row: Galaga, Battletoads, Tetris, Klax, Crystalis

That's all for the Common Titles! Medal Get!

Unique Title

Level 1
First Row: Ghosts n Goblins, Kick Master, Rampage, Elevator Action, Spy vs Spy
Second Row: Metal Storm, Duck Hunt, Bomberman, Dig Dug, Captain America and the Avengers

Level 2
First Row: Karateka, Lode Runner, Popeye, Dr Mario, Adventures of Lolo
Second Row: Rygar, Maniac Mansion, Rush n Attack, Pinball, TwinBee

Level 3
First Row: The Goonies, B-Wings, Chip 'n Dale: Rescue Rangers, Ikari Warriors, Road Fighter
Second Row: Ice Climber, Antarctic Adventure, Binaryland, Journey to Silius, Scat

Level 4
First Row: Little Samson, Astyanax, Paper Boy, Shadowgate, Mighty Final Fight
Second Row: Sky Destroyer, Snow Bros, The Legend of Kage, Battle City, Circus Charlie

Level 5
First Row: Mickey Mouse, Tiny Toon Adventures, Pooyan, 1942, Balloon Fight
Second Row: Donkey Kong, Hogans Alley, Gyruss, Life Force, Shadow of the Ninja

That's all for the Unique Titles! More medals get!


In this mode you see one screenshot and have to enter the name of the game you see.

Here is a screenshot of all the game pictures. You can use this in the Marathon mode, to look up the games. You can cross out those you already entered correctly.


Posted by Haggard - December 27th, 2012

One day late (or maybe even two days... or three?), but: Merry Christmas.

This year didn't turn out the way I wanted it to be, Newgrounds wise. I still have the "Metal-ABC" project. No, I haven't forgot about it. In fact, I still want to finish it. But with my studies coming to an end (I finished them last month), me looking for a new job and all that... and then Christmas coming up all of a sudden (it's surprising every time, isn't it?), I just haven't had too much time and too much interest in sitting down and researching stuff for that project.

That's also the reason why I didn't review as much as I would've like to. And I totally forgot about my NG birthday. I will come up with the usual "comparison" post, though.

Anyway, let's just hope that things will settle down a bit for the next year.

Posted by Haggard - August 15th, 2012

So, this is Clock Day 2012, huh? I nearly forgot about it, if it wasn't for the fact that it takes place 2 days after my birthday. Anyway, I wasn't as hyped as in the past few years and the activity of the portal shows why: Because Clock Day is DEAD. Yeah, that's right. I only got 117 saves today, and this is only because I got 48 saves YESTERDAY already. So, that means that I didn't even get 100 SAVES on CLOCK DAY!

I guess next year we don't even need to celebrate this day anymore on Newgrounds, because apparantly nobody cares anymore.

Posted by Haggard - July 22nd, 2012

Here's a list of (almost) all the CDs my wife and I own.

Absolute Beginner - Bambule
Agathodaimon - Blacken The Angel
Agathodaimon - Higher Art of Rebellion
Agathodaimon - Chapter III
Alice in Chains - Dirt
Amon Amarth - Versus The World
Amon Amarth - Fate of Norns
Anarchist Academy - Am Rande des Abgrunds
Anarchist Academy - Rappekkistenkids
Annihilator - Alice in Hell
Anthrax - Persistence of Time
Anvil - Speed of Sound
Apocalyptica - Plays Metallica
Apocalyptica - Inquisition Symphony
Apocalyptica - Cult
Apollo Four Forty - Electro glide in blue
Arch Enemy - Wages of Sin
Asphyx - Death... The Brutal Way
Björk - Family Tree
Black Sabbath - Black Sabbath
Black Sabbath - Paranoid
Black Sabbath - Master of Reality
Black Sabbath - Sabbath Bloody Sabbath
Black Sabbath - Heaven and Hell
Blind Guardian - Battalions of fear
Blind Guardian - Somewhere Far Beyond
Blind Guardian - Imaginations from the other side
Blind Guardian - Nightfall in middle-eart
Blind Guardian - A night at the opera
Blind Guardian - A twist in the myth
Blind Guardian - At the edge of time
Bloodhund Gang - Use your fingers
Bloodhund Gang - One firece beer coaster
Bloodhund Gang - Hooray for boobies
Blue Öyster Cult - Agents of fortune
Body Count - Born Dead
Bolt Thrower - Mercenary
Bolt Thrower - Those once loyal
Chaos Z - Dunkle Straßen
Chaos Z - Die gnadenlose Jahre 80-83
Creedence Clearwater Revival - 40 Anniversary Editions Box Set
Dark Age - Insurrection
Dark Age - The Silent Republic
Das Pack - Das Pack
Death - Individual Thought Patterns
Death - Symbolic
Deathfist - Too Hot to Burn
Deep Purple - Perfect Strangers
Deine Lakaien - Dark Star Tour
Deine Lakaien - Forest Enter Exit
Deine Lakaien - Acoustic
Deine Lakaien - Winter Fish Testosterone
Deine Lakaien - Kasmodiah
Deine Lakaien - White Lies
Deine Lakaien - April Skies
Deine Lakaien - Indicator
Deine Lakaien - Live in concert
Deine Lakaien - Return
Dendemann - Das Schweigendilemma
Depeche Mode - Home
Der Tobi & Das Bo - Genie & Wahnsinn
Desaster - 666 - Satan's Soldier Syndicate
Die Apokalyptischen Reiter - All you need is love
Die Ärzte - Debil
Die Ärzte - Ab 18
Die Ärzte - Auch
Die Fantastischen Vier - 4:99
Die Fantastischen Vier - Unplugged
Die Fantastischen Vier - Für Dich Immer Noch Fanta Sie
Die Fantastischen Vier - Saft
Die Firma - Spiel des Lebens/Spiel des Todes
Die Kassierer - Der Heilige Geist greift an
Die Kassierer - Männer, Bomben, Satteliten
Diva Destruction - Exposing The Sickness
Diva Destruction - Passion's Price
Dubliners - Original
Eins Zwo - Gefährliches Halbwissen
Eisregen - Leichenlager
Eisregen - Farbenfinsternis
Eisregen - Wundwasser
Eric Clapton - From The Cradle
Eric Clapton - One more car, one more rider
Eric Clapton - Unplugged
Excrementory Grindfuckers - Guts, Gore & Grind
Fettes Brot - Außen Top Hits, innen Geschmack
Fettes Brot - lässt grüßen
Fettes Brot - Am Wasser gebaut
Fettes Brot - Silberfische in meinem Bett
Finntroll - Jaktens Tid
Finntroll - Visor om slutet
Fischmob - Männer können seine Gefühle nicht zeigen
Fischmob - Power
Fred Timm - Timm dich
Fünf Sterne Deluxe - SiLLiUM
Fünf Sterne Deluxe - Neo.Now
Garbage - Garbage
Garbage - beautifulgarbage
Garbage - Bleed Like Me
Gorefest - La Muerte
Götz Widmann - Götz Widmann
Götz Widmann - Zeit
Götz Widmann - böäöäöäöäöä
Götz Widmann - Hingabe
Graveyard - Graveyard
Graveyard - Hisingen Blues
Guano Apes - Proud like a god
Guano Apes - Lords of the boards
Guano Apes - Don't you turn your back on me
Guano Apes - Big in Japan
Guano Apes - Don't give me names
Guano Apes - Walking on a thin line
Guano Apes - You can't stop me
Haggard - Awaking the centuries
HammerFall - Glory to the brave
HammerFall - Legacy of Kings
HammerFall - Crimson Thunder
Hass - Liebe ist tot
Heiter bis Wolkig - Musikka Lustikka
Hollenthon - With Vilest of worms to dwell
Human Blodfeast - She Cums Gutted
Hypocrisy - Penetralia
Hypocrisy - Osculum Obscenum
Hypocrisy - Into the abyss
Hypocrisy - The arrival
Hypocrisy - Virus
Hypocrisy - 10 years of Chaos and Confusion
Iced Earth - Iced Earth
Iced Earth - Alive in Athens
Iced Earth - Horror Show
In Extremo - Gold
In Extremo - Hameln
In Extremo - Verehrt und Angespien
In Extremo - Sünder ohne Zügel
In Flames - Whoracle
Iron Maiden - Seventh son of a seventh son
Iron Maiden - The number of the beast
Iron Maiden - The Final Frontier
Jan Delay - Searching for the Jan Soul Rebels
Janina - Yeah Yeah
Janina - 123
JBO - Explizite Lyrik
JBO - Laut!
JBO - Rosa Armee Fraktion
JBO - Live & Rar
Joint Venture - Augen Zu
Joint Venture - Dinger
Joint Venture - Unanständige Lieder
Joint Venture - Ich brauch Personal
Joint Venture - Extremliedermaching
Judas Priest - Sin after sin
Judas Priest - Defenders of the faith
Judas Priest - Painkiller
Judas Priest - British Steel
K.O.V.D. - Mainstream Commercial Nihilism
Kataklysm - Prevail
Kataklysm - Shadows & Dust
Kataklysm - The Prophecy
Knorkator - Das nächste Album aller Zeiten
Led Zepplin - Led Zepplin I
Limbonic Art - In abhorrence Dementia
Metallica - Kill 'Em All
Metallica - Ride The Lightening
Metallica - ...and Justice for all
Metallica - Metallica
Metallica - ReLoad
Metallica - St. Anger
Misfits - Famous Monsters
Moonchild - Somewhere Someplace Somehow
Morbid Angel - Altairs of Madness
Motörhead - Bomber
Motörhead - Overkill
Motörhead - Ace of Spades
Motörhead - 1916
Napalm Death - Scum
Nightwish - Angels fall first
Nightwish - Wishmaster
Nightwish - Century Child
Opeth - My Arms, your hearse
Opeth - Blackwater Park
Opeth - Deliverance
Opeth - Damnation
Orgy - Cancyass
OST - Resident Evil 3
OST - South Park
OST - Carmina Burana
OST - Reservior Dogs
OST - The Full Monty
Peter Tosh - Stand Up
Portishead - Third
Portishead - Portishead
Primordial - The Gathering Wilderness
Qntal - Qntal
Queens of the Stone Age - Rated R
Queens of the Stone Age - Songs for the deaf
Queens of the Stone Age - Lullabies to Paralyze
Radiohead - Pablo Honey
Radiohead - The Bends
Radiohead - Kid A
Radiohead - Hail to the thief
Radiohead - In rainbows
Radiohead - King of Limbs
Ramones - Ramones
S.I.K. - Keine Frage
Sampler - Musik & Comix gegen Zensur
Sampler - Gothic XII
Sampler - A beast I am (Vampire)
Sampler - Gothic XIX
Six Feet Under - Graveyard Classics 2
Slime - Slime I
Slime - Alle gegen alle
Slime - Compilation 81 bis 87
Slime - Yankees Raus
Sufferage - Birth
Sufferage - Raw Meat Experience
Sufferage - Death Nation Anarchy
Ted Nugent - Craveman
Terminal Choice - Navigator
Testament - The Legacy
Thargos - Salem City
The Doors - The Best of The Doors
Therion - Lepaca Kliffoth
Therion - Theli
Therion - a'arab Jaraq lucid dreaming
Therion - Vovin
Therion - Crowning of Atlantis
Therion - Deggial
Therion - Secret of the ruens
Therion - Live in Midgard
Therion - Beyond Sandorum
Therion - Of Darkness
Therion - Symphony Masses / Ho Orakon Ho Megas
Thomas D. - Solo
Thomas D. - Lektionen In Demut
Tiamat - Wildhoney
Tocotronic - Digital ist besser
Tocotronic - Nach der verlorenen Zeit
Tocotronic - Wir kommen um uns zu beschweren
Tocotronic - Es ist egal, aber...
Tocotronic - K.O.O.K.
Tocotronic - Tocotronic
Ton Steine Scherben - Keine Macht für Niemand
Torfrock - Beinhart (3 CD Box)
Torfrock - Einigkeit und Blech und Freizeit
Torfrock - Neues aus Torfmoorholm
Tristania - Beyond the veil
Type O Negative - Slow Deep And Hard
Type O Negative - Bloody Kisses
Type O Negative - October Rust
Type O Negative - World Coming Down
Type O Negative - Life is killing me
Type O Negative - Dead Again
Unleashed - Across the open sea
Unleashed - As Yggarsil trembles
Unleashed - Sworn allegiance
Unleashed - Victory
Vagabond - Stainless will
Venom - Black Metal
Volbeat - Beyond hell/Above Heaven
Volbeat - Guitar Gangsters & Cadillac Blood
Volbeat - Rock the rebel/Metal the devil
White Town - >Abort, Retry, Fail?_ Your Woman
ZZ Top - First Album

Posted by Haggard - May 28th, 2012

I was away for the weekend. Festival time again! So here's a short recap:

Thursday: We arrived at 4:30 PM. We hoped to get there sooner but packing the car did take a lot longer than we originally thought. We then tried to find a spot where we could put up our tents. But most of the time we heard: "Oh no, you cannot stay here, there are more people coming and we need that space..."
Fuck you, next time I'll just reverse the whole camping ground. We ended up camping next to a small forest. The good thing about this was, that we at least had some protection from the sun at around 3:30 PM until sunset, while others had to stay in the sun until it finally set.

The "lowlight" (opposite of "hightlight") was, when in a neighbour camp some people thought it would be funny to play Landser and other nazi crap at full volume and singing along to the songs at the top of their lungs. Okay, they turned that shit off when I asked them to. But it still was something I rather not experience again. Next time, I have those pricks thrown out by the security. >:(

Friday: First band of the festival was Deathfist. Pretty good show, but a tad bit too quiet maybe...

Krisiun: I don't like them too much, but I saw the show anyway. It was nice, but I guess I will never become a fan of this band.

Kvelertak: I missed them in Singapore (they played on the second day of my stay, so it was all a bit too stressful for me) and wanted to see them now. But it was so fucking hot all day that I really needed to cool off. I wanted to watch the last quarter of their show, but just when I was there, they ended their gig. 15 MINUTES TOO EARLY! Are you fucking kidding me? It should be possible to have enough songs to play for the full 75 minutes you where billed for and not just leave the stage after one hour. Fuck you, guys...

Turbonegro: Never listened to them before too much. They seem to have a new singer who - according to my friend - isn't gay enough to sing for Turbonegro, but oh well. He did a good job anyway. ^^

Saturday: I missed Dr. Living Dead and Motorjesus. I had some ice cream instead. I missed Portrait and Hell, because who the fuck needs those bands anyway? I had some beer instead.

Unleashed were pretty good, just like you expect them to be. But they where a bit too quiet as well waren dann erwartungsgemäß gut, aber auch zu leise. Tankard put on a nice show as well, but they too where too quiet. Bolt Thrower where loud enough. And they where the perfect headliner for this day. In fact, they once again where the best band of the festival.

Sunday: Now this was just perfect. There was only ONE band I wanted to see and they played at 3PM. After that, I can go back home. Only problem was that my friend wanted to see W.A.S.P. (who played the last show at around 8PM), but me and my wife convinced him not to do that.

Graveyard did a very good job on stage. The whole show felt more like a "public rehearsal" and it was pretty nice.

Since my friend couldn't see W.A.S.P. he convinced us that least he could see Girlschool. It was nice rock and the girls are pretty cool. Only problem was, that one of the mics didn't work, so you couldn't hear the bassist sing for about the first half of the show.

Conclusion: Very nice festival. A bit too hot at times (12 hours of sunshine is a bit too much...), but I will be back next year.

Posted by Haggard - March 4th, 2012


A very difficult letter. Trying to focus on "lesser known metal bands" is really hard if there hardly are any bands that start with the letter Q. We have Queensryche (no umlaut on the y, as NG doesn't support it at the moment), but personally I wouldn't call that metal. :P

I was thinking about a band called Qntal, but I would've had to define "metal band" in a REALLY broad sense to include them here (they make medieval music combined with electronic sounds btw). So I decided to pick death metal band Quo Vadis for this one. They may be not a "lesser known band", but I really don't have that much choice here.

The band:
Quo Vadis is a technical melodic death metal band from Montreal, Canada and was formed in 1992 by Bart Frydrychowicz, Yanic Bercier, and Arie Itman. At first, they played Metallica and Megadeath covers, but soon began to write their own songs. In 1995 a demo tape was released.

One year later, the debut album "Forever..." was released, which was recieved well by critics and fans.

It took the band 4 years to release another album. "Day into Night" was released in 2000 and it sold much better than the debut album. Also, the sound was much different from "Forever...", since the female vocals and the violins had disappeared, while the song structure got more complex at the same time.

In 2001 "Passage in Time" was released, but it was a compilation album, containing the entire 1995 demo, some rerecorded songs and two live songs.

After that, the line-up changed a bit. Bassist Remy Beauchamp left the band as well as Arie Itman (guitars/vocals), they where replaced by Dominique Lapointe and Stéphane Paré, respectivly.

In 2004 the next album "Defiant Imagination" was released. The material has been written much earlier, though.

So far, "Defiant Imagination" is the latest album, even though the next album "But Who Prays for Satan?" has been announced. Release date is December 2012 as of now, again with a different line up. Paré left the band and was replaced by Trevor Birnie, but only one year later he left the band again and was replaced by Matthew Sweeney. William Seghers also left the band and was replaced by Marc-André Gringas.

Also, Yanic Bercier left the band. He relocated to Tennesse some years ago and flew in from the US for the shows all the time. He was replaced by Patrice Hamelin.

The Song:
This is "Let it burn" from the second album "Day into Night". The band is heavily influenced by Metallica, Megadeath and Death (especially the album "Invalid thought patterns"). I think it really shows in this song. Everything sounds very familiar, heh.

The Cover:

Posted by Haggard - February 21st, 2012


The band:
Pyramaze is a danish/US Power Metal Band. They where founded in 2001 by Michael Kammeyer. He was joined by Morten Sørensen (drums) and Niels Kvist (bass). Jonah Weingarten (keyboard) from the US joined next. The band found a singer in Lance King (also from the US).

In 2004 they played their first live show in Minneapolis and released their first studio album "Melancholy Beast" one month later. After this release a short tour followed. Also in 2004 the guitarist Toke Skjønnemand joined the group.

Two years later, in 2006, the second album "Legend of the Bone Carver" was released. It is a conept album about said Bone Carver, who brings back those who where slain by forces of evil, to lead them to a final battle against the darkness. Sounds cheesy? Well, that's power metal for you. ;)

On November 10, 2006 it was announced that Lance King was no longer singer of Pyramaze. A few months later (April 14, 2007), Matt Barlow joined the band after his hiatus from music. They recorded the third Album "Immortal" which was released in 2008. Both Barlow and Kammeyer have stated on the band's web site, that Immortal would be the only album they would do with Barlow. After that he was going to work together with John Schaffer and Iced Earth again.

In 2008 the band announced that Urban breed (who claims that this is his real name... including the lowercase 'b') would join the band. With this lineup the band supported Volbeat on their Danish tour in 2008.

In 2011 Kammeyer and Kvist left the band due to family business. Despite losing their "founder, leader, songwriter, guitarist, and bass guitarist all in one day" the band stated they would carry on. Jacob Hansen - the band's producer - took over as guitarist in 2012.

The Song:
This is the title track of their first album "Melancholy beast. The discography doesn't give me that much choice. "Legend of the Bone Carver" is a concept album, so it doesn't make that much sense to pick a song from this album. Immortal would feature Matt Barlow, but since we can hear him on many Iced Earth albums, I figured it would be nice to hear a different singer here.

Anyway, here's the song:

The Cover:

Posted by Haggard - February 11th, 2012

Hisingen Blues is the second album from Graveyard. As the title already suggests, it's very blues-oriented. Which may be good for some, but bad for me. Blues is not my favorite kind of genre. But this doesn't mean that this is a bad album, it's just a bit harder to get used to it.

The opener "Ain't Fit To Live Here" starts off with very heavy rock and it's pretty fast. Nothing bluesy here. The second song "No Good, Mr Holden" starts off with some backmasked lyrics. I tried to reverse it, but couldn't make out the words. Something about "Oh confusion" or something like that. Anyway, this might be a nice reference to all those accusations that where made back then, about how rock bands put subliminal messages in their song and you can hear them if you play the record backwards. The second song is also VERY bluesy and sets the bar of things to come.

Third song is the title track "Hisingen Blues". This is the song that got me hooked on this band and you should all give it a try. It's THAT good! One of my most favorite songs in the past few years!

After this great song the record becomes a lot slower again with "Uncomfortably Numb". I think it's a good decision to put this song there. "Hisingen Blues" is a pretty fast song, so this track gives us time to settle down. Also, if they had put another fast song after "Hisingen Blues", then it would have to compete with that song directly, which would be a lost battle for that other 'fast song', haha.

Anyway, I think "Uncomfortably Numb" is a very good song. It would've worked great as the last track on the album as well. It leaves you in a very thoughtful mood, so you either sit there and think about the song or you think "this is not the mood I want to be in, right now" and you start the album from the first song again. ^^

"Buying Truth" is another 'fast song' and I think if it was one spot earlier in the track list it might have been an easily forgotten song, because you are still flashed by "Hisingen Blues" (have I already mentioned how great that song is? ;) ).

Before I comment on every song here, I just finish this review off by saying that "Hisingen Blues" is a good album. I don't like it as much as the predecessor, but I have to admit that it sounds a lot more "mature". Wether this is a good thing or not is up to you. "Hisingen Blues" offers us a lot of blues-oriented songs, but it also offers us some very good rock songs, like the title track or "Ungrateful Are The Dead".

Again, this album is very short. Even 20 seconds shorter than the debut album, now how about that?!

I give this album 8 out 10. I like the predecessor just a tad bit better. But if you are into bluesy rock songs, then this album is definitely for you!

Track List:
01. Ain't Fit to Live Here - 3:05
02. No Good, Mr Holden - 4:46
03. Hisingen Blues - 4:13
04. Uncomfortably Numb - 6:11
05. Buying Truth (Tack & Förlåt) - 3:26
06. Longing - 4:49
07. Ungrateful are the Dead - 3:09
08. RSS - 3:48
09. The Siren - 6:00
10. Cooking Brew - 4:05

Songs to try out:
As I've said: Hisingen Blues is one of the best songs EVER. ;) You can even get it as a free download on Last.FM! Just scoll down a bit until you get to the "top tracks".
Other good songs are "Uncomfortably Numb" and "Buying Truth".
For blues songs, check out "The Siren" and "No Good, Mr Holden".

Posted by Haggard - February 5th, 2012

A short review for Graveyard's debut album "Graveyard".

This album was released in 2007, which is a bit surprising when you listen to it. It sounds very much like old 70's rock and if you see promo pictures of the band members, they look like they are time traveller's from the 70's as well. Now, what's all this about?

The alubm opener "Evil Ways" starts off with a small drum "solo" (well, not a solo like Judas Priest's "Painkiller", but you only hear the drums in the first few seconds). When the guitars set in you instantly feel like you where like you are listening to some old Black Sabbath or Led Zepplin stuff. The sound is just that amazing and mindblowing. The rest of the song is decent rock and overall, it's a good opener.

The other songs continue our journey back to the 70's. Where are my bell-bottoms?!

However, if you are looking for amazing 70's like soli, then this album isn't for you. Now, the guitar work is great; the riffs are all very cool. But they didn't include too many soli in their songs. "Blue Soul" is the only song that comes to my mind which has an extended solo at the end.

The only thing I don't like about this album is it's lenght. Only 9 songs are on this album, with a total running time of 39:40. I know, this is pretty much the length you got from the early 70's rock bands. But you don't have to copy the feeling of that time to this extend.

Anyway, "Graveyard" is a very good album. In fact, it's so good that I can't even give tips for songs to check out, they are all that great. However, I have to give "Blue Soul" a special mention here. It's a song you really woudln't expect after you heard the first half of the album.

I give this album 9 out of 10 stars. The only reason why I don't give a full 10 is the length.

Track list:
01. "Evil Ways" - 3:28
02. "Thin Line" - 5:24
03. "Lost in Confusion" - 3:23
04. "Don't Take Us for Fools" - 4:02
05. "Blue Soul" - 6:17
06. "Submarine Blues" - 2:25
07. "As the Years Pass By, the Hours Bend" - 4:41
08. "Right Is Wrong" - 4:27
09. "Satan's Finest" - 5:31

Songs to check out:
I wrote "i can't even get tips for songs to check out", but I will try anyway:
I already mentioned "Blue Soul", but this song isn't very representative for the LP.
"Submarine Blues" is a very short song and I think if you listen to it you get a very good idea of what to expect from this album.

Graveyard - Graveyard

Posted by Haggard - February 1st, 2012


Okay, after yet another delay (I should stop calling it "delays"...) here's the next letter. This time, it's "Orphaned Land"!

The band:
Orphaned Land are a Metal band from Israel. Now, that's something you don't see every day.

The band was founded in 1991 under the name "Resurrection", but soon changed the name to "Orphaned Land", as well as changing their musical style to Metal, with oriental influences.

In 1993 they signed a deal with the french label Holy Records. Just one year later their debut album "Sahara" was released. Before that debut album they only released one demo called "The Beloved's Cry".
In 1996 the second LP "El Norra Alila" was released. After that the band had to pause for some time because things became very difficult in Israel. Also in 1997, they signed a deal with Century Media.

After their pause they released the EP "The Calm Before the Flood" in 2004, which contained some live versions of their songs. Also in 2004 their third album "Mabool - The Story of the Three Sons of Seven" was released ("Mabool" is hebrew for "The Deluge").

In 2008 they where featured in the documentary "Global Metal".

In 2010 they opened Metallica's show in Israel. Also this year the album "The Never Ending Way of ORwarriOR" was released.

The song:
Sadly I don't own any albums from Orphaned Land, so I picked a song at random. This is "Whisper my name when you dream"; the 10th song on the second album:


The cover: