Christmas and stuff

2012-12-27 04:54:49 by Haggard

One day late (or maybe even two days... or three?), but: Merry Christmas.

This year didn't turn out the way I wanted it to be, Newgrounds wise. I still have the "Metal-ABC" project. No, I haven't forgot about it. In fact, I still want to finish it. But with my studies coming to an end (I finished them last month), me looking for a new job and all that... and then Christmas coming up all of a sudden (it's surprising every time, isn't it?), I just haven't had too much time and too much interest in sitting down and researching stuff for that project.

That's also the reason why I didn't review as much as I would've like to. And I totally forgot about my NG birthday. I will come up with the usual "comparison" post, though.

Anyway, let's just hope that things will settle down a bit for the next year.


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