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Absolutely spot on. I don't have a cat myself but some of my friends do. And it seems to be EXACTLY like this. Great animation, too. Amazing what you can do with such "reduced" art. Don't get me wrong, the art is good, too. But I mean, the guy is only a stick figure and yet the animation looks so realistic. Pretty cool.

The voice acting is spot on as well. Great work, I really enjoyed it!

Pretty good movie, nice art style. The music fits good as well. The subtitles are a double-edged sword, I think. On the one hand, they make this seem like one of the old silent films. On the other hand, silent films didn't use subtitles but intertitles. Maybe if you could use intertitles as well, this would give this movie a very unique feature (can't think of any flash right now that would really try to act like a silent film right now).

Another possiblity would be to use voice actors, but good voice actors can be hard to find.

Overall, a good movie and a deserved daily 5th,

cecameron responds:

Thanks so much! I'd love to look into voice actors, in the future.

Very good progression shown here. Shows that you don't draw the "final product" right away but have to work for it to look good. I think many beginners don't know that.

The walking cycle is also pretty good. We can clearly distinct the leg in front and the one in the back, and BOTH move forward, rather than both legs being on the same layer and the walking cycle looking as if only one leg moves forward.

Also, I like that you included Radiohead's "National Anthem". Made me dig out Kid A again, and I'm listening to it right now as I write this review. :D

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Fun little quiz. It's amazing how much I still know about release dates (especially US release dates, since I'm not from the US) and what the codenames for older consoles where.

I only got 40%, but for some questions I simply had to guess, and most of the time I guessed wrong.

Cool story, bro!

Seriously, though. I like the artwork very much and the humouros tone throughout the game. Idling a new game: "that was hard work", seeing stats: "Like I really care", getting a reward "I knew I had talent". Funny.

Of course, I only played... um... idled this for the medals (the 250 games without auto mode WAS hard work!), but I'm glad they look so nice, too. Only 2 more medals to go. Well, off to eat lunch now, hopefully I'll have the medals when I get back. ;)

One of the best idle games I played (or rather "idled") so far. It's pretty addictive and can be educational, too.

I like that there's so much to do here. Buying upgrades, selling molecules, evolving, gathering knowledge... it keeps the game interesting.

There's still a bug in the upgrades section, though: I cannot chose a different element to use for buying upgrades. The combo box is there, but whatever molecule I chose, the box ends up empty and the amount stays the same (indicating that it didn't change). It's a bit annoying when trying to farm molecules for the knowledge section.

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When this track started I thought that this sounds more like some *Core than Heavy Metal. But don't get mad! :P
It's actually a damn good song, with very nice riffs and a lot of diversity. I think it's hard to write instrumental songs that don't repeat themselves too often. But you had a lot of good stuff going on here, which surprisingly does fit together very well.

I also liked that little effect you used around the 1:30 mark. Also, the drums after that part are just AWESOME!

{ Review Request Club }

I tried recording a few things with my Rocksmith cable (plugged into a Boss GT-3 board) as well, but the quality just doesn't seem to be that great overall with this set-up.

Anyway, the riff itself is pretty cool and it's played in a very clean way, which is important when you play Rock music (nothing sounds worse than sloppy played riffs!). Maybe you could try to add a drum track to this, it might improve the piece a bit.

I like the effect you put on your guitar, it gives the whole thing a much "deeper" sound, as if there where two guitars playing at the same time.

{ Review Request Club }

Insomnimatic responds:

Thank you very much for the response and the stars! Woah, did not expect that.

Actually, there is no effect that makes it sound like there are two guitars. I made two different tracks, made one about 70% right, the other about 70% left and each of those are different recordings just played almost the same.

I will try to add a drum track to it when I am able to and I'm not sure when that will be. I'll make sure it's posted when I do.

Well, it's nice to see a track in the audio portal that breaks the 7 minutes barrier. I like longer songs a lot better than shorter ones. :)
I also like the melody and the rhythm here, it's very catchy and I think it will be stuck in my head for a day or two. It also reminds me of some other songs, even though I cannot put my finger on where I might have heard a similar melody before.

My biggest complaint is the mixing/mastering. The bass is too heavy and some of the instruments are nearly drowned out because of that.

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zanaelf responds:

Thank you very much for the commentry and advice, glad you enjoyed the track , Thank you ^_^

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Things you should look into:

One of the shadows has to go. I'd say, the "first" shadow (the one, that is as big as the character). The other one, where we can see her a bit bigger in the background is ok. But two shadows is too much.

The character's name should not be hidden by the character. Especially, since the black shape at the bottom is in front of the characters legs, the name is in front of the black shape, but the letters are behind the characters legs? That doesn't work out.

The anatomy is a bit off. Her waist is too slim, especially since her hips seem to be quite big.

Things that I like:

The yellow/orange background looks good. It brings some colour into the image and the bright colours work really well here.

The bose Clarice strikes looks good to me. But I think the smoke should be coming from the other gun... but that's just a minor thing. The gun hin her left hand smoking is just as well.

The character itself looks interesting. Maybe a bit clichéd, but much more interesting than yet another "halo like" soldier, etc.

Overall, this piece needs more work, but you are on a good way.

{ Review Request Club }

KiwiSundae responds:

Thank you for your feedback. It's very much appreciated.

It looks quite cool. At first I thought the image of the character was just mirrored, but then I noticed some minor details are different between the left and the right half.

Also, the background is very good. I like, how you notice more and more stuff the longer you look at it. Some of those lines seem to be pretty random at first, but then after a while you notice a pattern... and then, there's suddendly something you didn't even saw before. Very cool stuff.

{ Review Request Club }

Celx-Requin responds:

Thanks man!
- Celx

A nice young lady sitting on a rock in the ocean. I wonder how she got there? The shoes she's wearing don't look like she could go rock climbing with them, heh.

Anyway, I like the clouds in the background. They look very realistic. Maybe it's because they are in fact real? It's hard to tell, and that's what I like. Nothing worse if you add a real picture to a drawing and then anybody can tell instantly that it is a real picture... anyway, the rest of the background is a bit lacking. I would like it better if we could see an island or maybe a beach in the background. This would also explain how the nice young lady could reach the rock with those shoes. ;)

{ Review Request Club }

DragonPunch responds:

Well, you do have a point...Perhaps some time in the future, I can work on another character in the same setting.

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