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Posted by Haggard - February 21st, 2012


The band:
Pyramaze is a danish/US Power Metal Band. They where founded in 2001 by Michael Kammeyer. He was joined by Morten Sørensen (drums) and Niels Kvist (bass). Jonah Weingarten (keyboard) from the US joined next. The band found a singer in Lance King (also from the US).

In 2004 they played their first live show in Minneapolis and released their first studio album "Melancholy Beast" one month later. After this release a short tour followed. Also in 2004 the guitarist Toke Skjønnemand joined the group.

Two years later, in 2006, the second album "Legend of the Bone Carver" was released. It is a conept album about said Bone Carver, who brings back those who where slain by forces of evil, to lead them to a final battle against the darkness. Sounds cheesy? Well, that's power metal for you. ;)

On November 10, 2006 it was announced that Lance King was no longer singer of Pyramaze. A few months later (April 14, 2007), Matt Barlow joined the band after his hiatus from music. They recorded the third Album "Immortal" which was released in 2008. Both Barlow and Kammeyer have stated on the band's web site, that Immortal would be the only album they would do with Barlow. After that he was going to work together with John Schaffer and Iced Earth again.

In 2008 the band announced that Urban breed (who claims that this is his real name... including the lowercase 'b') would join the band. With this lineup the band supported Volbeat on their Danish tour in 2008.

In 2011 Kammeyer and Kvist left the band due to family business. Despite losing their "founder, leader, songwriter, guitarist, and bass guitarist all in one day" the band stated they would carry on. Jacob Hansen - the band's producer - took over as guitarist in 2012.

The Song:
This is the title track of their first album "Melancholy beast. The discography doesn't give me that much choice. "Legend of the Bone Carver" is a concept album, so it doesn't make that much sense to pick a song from this album. Immortal would feature Matt Barlow, but since we can hear him on many Iced Earth albums, I figured it would be nice to hear a different singer here.

Anyway, here's the song:

The Cover:



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