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Level 2, Second Row - (first game) Urban Champion

Level 3, First Row - Blaster Master, (fifth game) Metal Gear
Second Row - (second game) Pro Wrestling, Clu Clu Land, Adventure Island, (don't know the last one)

Level 4, First Row - ??, Pac Man, Rad Racer, ??, Kung Fu
Second Row - Micro Machines, Bad Dudes, Baseball, ??, ??

Level 5, First Row - ??, Arkanoid, Tennis, ??, Robocop
Second Row - Galaga, Battletoads, Tetris, ??, ??


Level 1, First Row - Ghosts n Goblins, ??, Rampage, Elevator Action, Spy vs Spy
Second Row - ??, Duck Hunt, Bomberman, Dig Dug, Captain America and the Avengers

Level 2, First Row - ??, ??, Popeye, Dr Mario, ??
Second Row - Rygar, Maniac Mansion, Rush n Attack, Pinball, ??

Level 3, First Row - The Goonies, ??, ?? (I thought it was Chip n Dale's Rescue Rangers, but it doesn't seem to work. Nor "Rescue Rangers", or "Chip and Dale's Rescue Rangers", Ikari Warriors, ?? (thought it was Spy Hunter, but I guess not).
Second Row - Ice Climber, ??, ??, ??, ??

That's all I got at the moment.


EDIT: Also, it's "Chip 'n Dale: Rescue Rangers", the colon is important. :P

First game level 3: blaster master

The first one of the last level is cabal

Wow, I never knew Cabal was on NES. I used to play it a lot on Amiga.

The last two we don't have in the first level of unique are kickmaster and metal storm.

Sorry for spamming your page, haggard

No problem. ;)
Thanks for your input.

level 4 - Game 9 : Battle City


LEVEL 5 - 3rd icon pooyan, last icon shadow of the ninja

Thank you. That's all for level 5. Only 7 missing now from the "Unique Titles".

8th game in Level 4, Unique Titles is still marked with ??, hasn't it been figured out yet?

I just forgot to add it to the list. ^^

Many thanks for a great guide btw! :)

You're welcome. I have to thank all the users who have helped finding those games. Special thanks go out to MatthewF and EdyKel. :)

I want you to scream for me, it turns me on more than you'll ever know.

Congrats on 2020 year's supporter badge UwU

One small question, do you like riffs? Because I saw you on some old published riffs, for example : https://www.newgrounds.com/audio/listen/670

Wow, that's so old I don't even remember writing it.
But yes, I like riff-heavy music and heavy riffs. ;)