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Rock Hard Festival 2012

Posted by Haggard - May 28th, 2012

I was away for the weekend. Festival time again! So here's a short recap:

Thursday: We arrived at 4:30 PM. We hoped to get there sooner but packing the car did take a lot longer than we originally thought. We then tried to find a spot where we could put up our tents. But most of the time we heard: "Oh no, you cannot stay here, there are more people coming and we need that space..."
Fuck you, next time I'll just reverse the whole camping ground. We ended up camping next to a small forest. The good thing about this was, that we at least had some protection from the sun at around 3:30 PM until sunset, while others had to stay in the sun until it finally set.

The "lowlight" (opposite of "hightlight") was, when in a neighbour camp some people thought it would be funny to play Landser and other nazi crap at full volume and singing along to the songs at the top of their lungs. Okay, they turned that shit off when I asked them to. But it still was something I rather not experience again. Next time, I have those pricks thrown out by the security. >:(

Friday: First band of the festival was Deathfist. Pretty good show, but a tad bit too quiet maybe...

Krisiun: I don't like them too much, but I saw the show anyway. It was nice, but I guess I will never become a fan of this band.

Kvelertak: I missed them in Singapore (they played on the second day of my stay, so it was all a bit too stressful for me) and wanted to see them now. But it was so fucking hot all day that I really needed to cool off. I wanted to watch the last quarter of their show, but just when I was there, they ended their gig. 15 MINUTES TOO EARLY! Are you fucking kidding me? It should be possible to have enough songs to play for the full 75 minutes you where billed for and not just leave the stage after one hour. Fuck you, guys...

Turbonegro: Never listened to them before too much. They seem to have a new singer who - according to my friend - isn't gay enough to sing for Turbonegro, but oh well. He did a good job anyway. ^^

Saturday: I missed Dr. Living Dead and Motorjesus. I had some ice cream instead. I missed Portrait and Hell, because who the fuck needs those bands anyway? I had some beer instead.

Unleashed were pretty good, just like you expect them to be. But they where a bit too quiet as well waren dann erwartungsgemäß gut, aber auch zu leise. Tankard put on a nice show as well, but they too where too quiet. Bolt Thrower where loud enough. And they where the perfect headliner for this day. In fact, they once again where the best band of the festival.

Sunday: Now this was just perfect. There was only ONE band I wanted to see and they played at 3PM. After that, I can go back home. Only problem was that my friend wanted to see W.A.S.P. (who played the last show at around 8PM), but me and my wife convinced him not to do that.

Graveyard did a very good job on stage. The whole show felt more like a "public rehearsal" and it was pretty nice.

Since my friend couldn't see W.A.S.P. he convinced us that least he could see Girlschool. It was nice rock and the girls are pretty cool. Only problem was, that one of the mics didn't work, so you couldn't hear the bassist sing for about the first half of the show.

Conclusion: Very nice festival. A bit too hot at times (12 hours of sunshine is a bit too much...), but I will be back next year.


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