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Frantic Planes 2 Frantic Planes 2

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

Nice game with a steep difficulty curve. The first few levels are a breeze, but level 10+ become very challenging. Haven't been able to beat the last boss, because there's so much going on on the screen and the final special seems to be pretty useless (even though Iron Man appearing on the screen IS funny), especially since it blocks my view of the screen, so I cannot avoid the bullets anymore. :(

Just like CollectiveSin I encountered the "coin bug" where the coin counter wouldn't stop rising. Didn't affect my game too much, though, as I only had two upgrades left to buy.

Thoughts on how to improve this game:
- Change the specials, so they clear the screen from all enemies (except bosses). I found that the last special was pretty much useless, it didn't even kill the tanks on level 14 (and they are tough to get rid of otherwise!). Maybe even have the special remove all the coins from the screen, so the player has to decide if the tradoff "no coins - no enemies" is worth it or not.
- Introduce some graphic options. Would be nice to be able to turn off the "snow" effects, as they cause the game to lag a bit and there's already so much going on on the screen, it really is distracting the player
- Different music? I know there's the option to turn it off, but I think different kinds of music would be a nice little extra.

Overall, it's a good game. The medals are a good mix of easy to get and hard to get, which always offers a nice challenge.
The gameplay is simple enough, the controls are very responsive, the upgrade system is a nice little bonus.

Overall, I rate this 3,5 out of 5.

Frozennnn responds:

Hi thanks for the feedback hehe yes the money buy its a preformance bug that im trying to fix soon. Thanks for the feedback

Fortress Monster Tower 5 Fortress Monster Tower 5

Rated 0 / 5 stars

Doesn't even work. I click "Tutorial" and then monsters swarm the place twice and a "Defeated" screen shows up. What the hell?
Then I try it again, place some buildings, but they don't do anything at all. Various options tried, nothing... second building tried... nothing. Oh wait, that one building iced ONE opponent. YAY!

Maybe next time don't release a game that's still in alpha status?

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Hhecf14rotpohiltswalc Hhecf14rotpohiltswalc

Rated 5 / 5 stars

The intro is pulled off in a very epic way, nice choice of music there. The intro somehow reminds me of Civilization IV (or similar games). The flashback part ("Last time on...") offered a good narrating voice. I honestly wouldn't have expected that in a clock movie, heh. Speaking of the voices: It's strange to hear actual voices in a clock related flash. But sadly not all of the actual voices sounded good. Some had pretty annoying static noises.

Anyway, while this is a spammy looking flash, it actually contains some very nice content. The "Game scene" a bit dragged out (yeah, but that was the whole point, wasn't it?). It was a nice idea with adding the games there, anyway.

BB10 clock really looked like Mr. Bump to me, haha (what do you mean "Who is this 'Mr. Bump' you're speaking of"?? Google him, goddammit!).

Sometimes it's a bit hard to follow the flash, as the narration switches between real voices, computer voices and plain text on the screen. Together with the length of the flash, this can be really hard for the concentration of the viewers.

Overall, this is a damn good flash!

{ Review Request Club }

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Leursen in the Library Leursen in the Library

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

This is rather short, but it's still pulled off very nicely. The voice acting is pretty good in this one. Both characters have very distinctive voices, which is always a huge plus.
The graphics are done in a comical style, but it fits very good to the content. The "snakey" Ms. Leursen would've just looked silly in a realistical drawing style.

I think the lip syncing works pretty good here. Sometimes one can notice the mouth still moving for a fraction of a second after the character has stopped talking, but it's not something to lose sleep over. It works good the way it is now.

Last but not least, the flash itself is quite funny. Nothing too new here, but as I've said before: It's pulled off nicely and that's what counts!

{ Review Request Club }

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Aqlex responds:

Thanks for the review, Review Request Club! I'm glad the entire piece comes together well, despite not containing anything particularly new. That mouth moving a fraction of a second after the character has stopped talking thing is actually something I was doing on purpose (giving the mouth a moment to return to a non-moving position), but you mentioning it is making me reconsider it, since it is not really the way our mouths work when we speak. Food for thought! Thanks again for the review!

Addicktion Addicktion

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

Starts out like an every day event, but spirals down to a psycho drama of epic propotions.

The drawings are pretty good here, as is the voice acting. The only thing that I can really critizise here is the very short length. Just when the story really is about to start, the flash ends. I would've liked to see a few more scenes. Maybe show Mr. Smith how he keeps drawing penises all over the walls, or show him in a mental hospital... just add something more to give this story some sort of conclusion.

{ Review Request Club }

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Markface responds:

Probably would have had I not been so busy.

And by busy I mean lazy. ;)

Remembered - Jordan Allen Remembered - Jordan Allen

Rated 4 / 5 stars

This is a really good song. Very catch refrain and a very good voice (the voice remembers me of some other -quite famous- singer... but I can't remember the name right now. Bummer :( ).
The production quality is amazing as well. Every instrument can be heard just fine and even the drums don't drown out the voice. Whoever mastered this song seems to be a master of his trade.

The animations are all right. I like that you included the lyrics in such a way and that you also varied how the lyrics appear on the screen.
The graphics could use some work. Everything looks a bit rough. The graphics work for the frat boys at the beginning and the end of the video, as it underlines the "fratboyism" of the characters presented. But I think during the main part of the song, better looking graphics would help a lot. The main character would be working his way up, from singing for frat boys to singing in stadiums all around the world. This could be underlined by a change of graphical style (kind of like how dream sequences in movies are shot in a different style than the rest of the film). At the end, the main character would then "wake up" in the cruel reality of a frat house, where no one is listening to that weird guy on the stage.

{ Review Request Club }

UMoN- Pandas UMoN- Pandas

Rated 2 / 5 stars

One low-res painting of a Panda Bear and a difficult to understand voice with a heavily exaggerated accent. I couldn't even make out half of the words, because it was also awfully quiet. Something about Pandas being radioactive and gassy? Well... I'm afraid we don't share the same taste in humour. :(

{ Review Request Club }

ForNoReason responds:

Thanks for the review!

Pikmin Tree Pikmin Tree

Rated 4 / 5 stars

That's the second time in one week I see a parody/homamge for Pikmin. Strange, since I never even heard of the game before (hey, my last Nintendo console is the SNES!). Since I don't know anything about the game I cannot compare this animation to the game or the franchise.

Anyway, the animations are pretty good here and you put a lot of effort into the graphics. While they seem a bit rough here and there, I appreciate the effort you put into drawing the scenes with various characters and also with different backgrounds in the single scenes.
You also put in some of the original music (I know that because I read the credits ;) ), which is always a nice touch. Nothin could be worse than a hommage that uses a completely different musical score.

I also like the small jokes you put in here, like the blue guy getting knocked over and landing face first in a puddle. The punchline at the end was nice too, but since I don't know anything about the games I might not find it as funny as someone who does know the games.

I didn't like the transitions between the scenes. The fadeouts where a bit too long for my liking.

{Review Request Club }

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artistunknown responds:

It sounds like all my effort paid off. I really did put a lot of work into this, and I'm glad all the little details and jokes were noticed. Looks like i still need to work on my line quality and transitions a bit. I'm glad you enjoyed it and thanks for the review!


Rated 5 / 5 stars

Review #1000. YAY!

Wow, this reminds me a lot of my own Clock Day Submissions. You clearly have been stealing from me! SHAME ON YOU!

Anyway, happy and very belated Clock Day 2011.

{ Review Requst Club }

FrogMan the Series Episode 2 FrogMan the Series Episode 2

Rated 2.5 / 5 stars

I think this turned out better than the first episode. The voice acting is even better than in the first one, and now you also have some better animations. The quality of the flash is still poor, so you still have a lot of work to do. But you are improving and that's what counts in my book.

The sexual jokes may not be to everyones liking, but it's just a fact that we can't all have the same sense of humour.

Overall, some improvement compared to the first episode, but you still have a long way to go.

{ Review Request Club }

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artistunknown responds:

I'm glad that things seemed better in this episode, I always thought it was better. The main reason for the poor quality of things is because the program I used was so limited. I actually switch over to flash in episode 4 so things get a little better then. And I get what you're saying about the jokes. Some people like them, most people hate them. I still like them, but I've grown a bit since this and I tend to not have a lot of sexual jokes in my stuff now. Thanks for the review and I hope you watch/review the others as well!